Semiautomatic screen printing machine

From Sophia to Lorenzo
Many of our customers asked us for a machine like Sophia but which was equipped with a vacuum printing table. From this request LORENZO was born, a semiautomatic screen printing machine for sheets (paper, cardboard, etc.) that gives a nod at printers of transfers for fabric.

Moving printing table
Unlike traditional semiautomatic screen printing machines, where the table is covered by the printing unit and the space for loading and unloading the sheet is reduced, LORENZO‘s mobile printing table makes loading and unloading the material quick and easy.

Two machines in one!
LORENZO is an evolution of Sophia and shares the structure, mechanics, and electronics with the latter except for the printing table, which is equipped with vacuum system.
However, if there is a need to also print clothing, it is possible to install a printing table (without vacuum) for fabric in a few minutes.

Printing size:

  • 50 x 70 cm

One (1) new machine available in stock.