Ethernet / Wi-Fi router

for connected services

One router … endless possibilities!
All our machineries equipped with PLC and monitor can be provided with a latest generation Ethernet / Wi-Fi router.
In some models the device is standard, in others, it can be purchased as an option.
The router allows you to significantly expand the possibilities of the machine.

Even with 4G!
In most cases, a router with an Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection is more than enough.
However, if 4G connectivity is also needed, there is no problem!
In fact, there is also a version that simultaneously integrates the Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G connection. In this case, the device has a SIM card (not included) slot.


Remote service
In the event of an electronic fault, Mismatic engineers can connect to the machinery directly from the offices in Milan (Italy) to check for any anomalies and, if needed, make the necessary changes to the software of the machine.

The machine can also be controlled from tablets and smartphones
Thanks to a VNC server, the machinery can also be controlled remotely from tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android). This technology is very convenient in some situations: for example, in cases where the machine is large and its monitor is distant from the area in which we are operating, or, to remotely monitor the production of the machinery.

Free software updates
Each software update of the machine is released free of charge to the customer.

All the data flow (in and out) of the router passes through a secure VPN network with ISO 27001 Security Certification.