Revolution Jumbo

Carousel automatic

screen printing machine

Revolution in screen printing!
The goal of our designers is to create, not only technologically advanced machines, but also easy and simple to use. Moreover, the experience gained over the last few decades allows us to manufacture equipment with an excellent value-for-money.
REVOLUTION JUMBO is the perfect expression of all this, and it takes its name from its will and ambition to revolutionise the world of textile screen printing on pre-cut and made fabrics.

The no-bulky automatic machine!
The automatic machines on the market have a big flaw: they are too bulky.
REVOLUTION JUMBO has been designed to reduce its overall dimensions to the minimum. The machine has a diameter of just 5000 mm.


  • 5 colours, 7 tables
More colours/tables available on request.

Printing sizes:

  • 70 x 100 cm
  • 80 x 100 cm