Automatic screen printing machine

for t-shirts

One in a kind!
SOPHIA has been designed and built to satisfy a specific request of our customers: to have available a single-colour automatic screen printing machine for printing garments that is compact in size, easy to use, with an excellent production per hour and above all low-cost.
SOPHIA is particularly suitable for printing work and promotional clothing.

All new!
The first generation of SOPHIA was released in 2019.
Thanks to the incredible success of this machine, in 2020 we introduced its second generation.
These are the main innovations introduced:
• Improved design
• Doubled production speed
• Introduction of a control panel equipped with a colour touch-screen LCD monitor
• Electronics controlled by a latest generation PLC
• Introduction of an Ethernet / Wi-Fi router for remote service
• The machine can also be controlled from tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android)

One router … endless possibilities!
SOPHIA is equipped as standard with a latest generation Ethernet / Wi-Fi router.
Thanks to this device, the possibilities of the machine are greatly expanded.

Remote service
In the event of an electronic fault, Mismatic engineers can connect to the machinery directly from the offices in Milan (Italy) to check for any anomalies and, if needed, make the necessary changes to the software of the machine.

The machine can also be controlled from tablets and smartphones
Thanks to a VNC server, SOPHIA can also be controlled remotely from tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android). This technology is very convenient in some situations: for example, when inserting or removing the screen, or, to remotely monitor the production of the machinery.

Free software updates
Each software update of the machine is released free of charge to the customer.

All the data flow (in and out) of the router passes through a secure VPN network with ISO 27001 Security Certification.

Printing size:

  • 50 x 70 cm

Two (2) new machines available in stock.