Mismatic puts side by side the manufacturing of standard machineries with the production of custom-made equipment able to satisfy detailed and specific production needs.

During the years the company has received two kinds of requests:

  • The customer chooses standard machinery and requests changes on the chosen machine to better satisfy his needs.
  • The customer prepares a technical document and asks for the production of the custom-made equipment.

Thanks to our know-how, we can satisfy both the requests.

A close cooperation between the manufacturer and the customer is ensured during all production process. They share up to the smallest decision.

During the years Mismatic has been involved in the manufacturing of custom-made equipment for various technological productions:

  • swimming caps
  • nautical ropes
  • car glasses
  • printed circuit boards
  • resined voltage transformers
  • photovoltaic panels
  • electroluminescent panels
  • RFID tags

Eco Matic 819

Infrared dryer for 3D objects

Siren 180

2-in-1 Perfetta