FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Do you have an agent/reseller in my city/area/country?

NO. We sell our equipment directly to the end-user without any middleman. So you have the guarantee to buy our machineries at the best prices, without paying any commission for the brokerage.

Do you produce special equipment able to satisfy specific production needs?

YES. Visit our website page called CUSTOM-MADE EQUIP. in order to get additional information.

Where is your equipment produced?

All the machineries are projected and manufactured in our factory in Italy. Only European and first class parts are installed on our equipment.

Is your equipment guaranteed?

YES. Our machineries are covered by warranty for twelve (12) months, consumables parts not included, EXW Mismatic.

Is an after-sale service available?

YES. Visit the page SERVICE in our website to get additional information.